• Jim MacArthur
Robots, automata and electronics


Exhibiting the Mk2 Turing machine

Thursday, 7th June 2012

Here's a short video clip of the Mk2 Turing machine working at Derby Maker Faire. It took about 6 weeks from sending the plans off to RazorLab to having a working machine at the Handmade Digital exhibition in Manchester. There are still lots of handmade parts in the Turing machine, but having the majority of it laser-cut has made it much easier to construct. There are also a lot of bugs in the design. One of the great things about the laser-cut design is that I can record these bugs as though they were software defects, which they are in many ways. The design for the machine is on github, at, although it may not be very intelligible at the moment. I really need to spend more time documenting the design.

Lots of people have said they like the shiny black laser-cut Turing machine, and others have said they prefer the scrappy style of the original. Personally I'd prefer to hand-make the final version out of solid brass, but that will be several iterations away.